School Age Program

april 2023

In the morning JM, EM, CD, and LB were at the art table, using art materials. JM had the idea of making an instrument that makes a loud noise when you hit it. EM called it “a percussion instrument.” When asked what a percussion instrument was, he explained “it is an instrument that you hit to make a noise, like a drum.” LB said to JM “you use a garbage can, to cut a hole in the bottom to work”, when asked why it needs a hole, LB said “so the air can go through and make the sound.” After the morning discussion we set up a provocation on the art table with materials to make the instruments they were talking about. EM immediately went to the table and started his creation, he put beads in bags and tin lids in a container and put it all together to make his “annoying machine”. EM labeled the sounds he made as annoying sounds, showing that there are different types of sounds . ES saw the kleenex boxes which gave her the idea to make a guitar. Using knowledge she had of what a guitar needs. She made the “neck” out of paper and the “head” out of the box and used rubber bands as the “strings”. JM came into the room, saw the plastic container and crushed it, he stated “this sounds like my bones cracking," connecting the two sounds together. After playing with the container he wanted to make a percussion instrument. We did some research on the computer for ideas on how to do this. He found a drum and wanted to make one. Using a plastic container and sticks as drums. JM wasn’t the only one to make a drum, CC used a container and cardboard to make her drum she then used her drum to make a song, extending the sounds to songs. We are excited to extend on this idea in the program! Do you have any ideas on instruments we can make or have any materials to donate, please connect with us!

Caitlin Brock, RECE

Cameron Hansen, Educator