Nursery School

noember 2023

Yesterday was the first day we explored the big blocks. The kindergarten children had left a structure up from the night before for us to use. T he children enjoyed driving the cars and trains along the blocks and trying to balance on them. They did not make any changes to the blocks. Today, we had blocks placed on the carpet for the children to create their own structures. EB created a “Robot” while LL and TC continued to make roads or tracks for cars and trains. By mid-morning, we noticed the interest beginning to fade, until Paige asked if anyone had built forts at home. This simple provocation created a whole new level of interest. This was the first time we saw the whole group gather, with a single task…to build a fort. TC, EB, and LL were working together building rooms, BF and KO were helping by bringing blocks to them. ES was preparing “tea” and CC was settling into the fort watching all the activity. The excitement was felt & heard throughout the room as the children worked together building their fort. The children are looking forward to continuing their fort building tomorrow.

Jen Tervo, RECE

Paige Cameron, Educator