Infant Program

July 2021

A Surprising Discovery

This morning 'L' was exploring the new busy board. He examined all sections of the board when he turned his focus to the spring door stopper. He used his finger to sway the stopper back and forth laughing at the sound it made.

He then picked up a wooden ring and put it on the spring, it fit! He pulled the ring on and off, using his whole palm to push the ring to the bottom.

One of the times that he was putting the ring on, 'L' pushed the spring to the side and let go, the ring flew off the spring! 'L' looked very surprised at this new development, smiling and laughing.

He repeated the process many times, trying different angles to see which way the ring would fly. He also tried the ring on different parts of the busy board, watching for the rings reaction. What a fascinating discovery!

Tawni Johnston RECE Rhonda Richardson RECE