Infant Program

october 2022

Over the course of this past month, the main focus in the Infant Program was building relationships with the children and their families! Due to several new children joining our program, it was our main priority to make all children feel heard, seen, valued, and to have a great sense of belonging! We first integrated each child’s sense of belonging by creating placemats by using the child’s artwork, as well as placing their photo on their placemat! By doing this, the children have their own special artifact with them at the table for each mealtime. Additionally, to continue building relationships with the children and their families, we decided to create a “family wall” for the infants to see photos of their loved ones and pets, as well as being able to see their peer’s families! The children immediately gravitate towards our family wall each morning to feel that sense of belonging in the classroom and it is so beautiful to see!

Carly Baratta RECE, Emily Merenda RECE, Kennedy Gemmel RECE