Infant Program

february 2024

Exploring Art Materials!

As the children have been gaining more independence and have been working so hard to strengthen their fine motor skills, we decided to revamp our art shelf to have materials readily available for the children to explore at any time! We started off small, by setting out paper, crayons, markers, and child-safe scissors!

The children have absolutely loved being able to explore art at any time of the day, which further strengthens the children's independence and decision making skills. After starting off with some basic art materials, we decided to add items such as popsicle sticks, buttons, and stickers to our art shelf as well! Plenty of the children have particularly taken interest in stickers, as many of the children are very interested in animals right now. As the children placed down the animal stickers, they would point over to our figurines and make the corresponding sound! For instance, R was exploring the lion sticker, and then pointed over at our lion figurine and said “Rawr!!”. The children have also explored trying to draw the animals as well. One morning, we placed the figurines on a table, alongside paper, crayons, and animal stickers. C looked over at the panther figurine as he intentionally scribbled on his paper. After a few moments, C began to gently tap his crayon on the panther figurine. I wonder if he was trying to draw the panther?

Miranda Lange RECE, Emily Merenda RECE, Swati Limbachia B.A, BEd, M.A.