Infant Program

september 2023

As the children are becoming more familiar with their outdoor surroundings, they have noticed something interesting in particular…all of the construction taking place around us! One day, while several of the children were scooping and pouring sand in our sandbox, B looked over and said “Truck!”. The children watched in amazement as a large dump truck drove past our playground and made its way over to the construction taking place across the street from our centre! M walked over to our bucket of cars and began placing them inside the sandbox. I wonder if he was associating the construction trucks/dirt to the cars in the sandbox? Ever since this interaction took place, the children have been very fascinated by the construction trucks and how they work! The infants have investigated this interest in their own play as well by driving our toy construction vehicles around our classroom, placing items into the back of the dump truck, and even pushing the trucks down the ramp on our climber! One morning during a community walk, MM and C excitedly pointed over to the construction taking place across the street. “OOOO!” said C as he watched the construction workers flatten fresh cement. During the walk, we also saw a dump truck and an excavator scooping and pouring dirt! Once we returned back to the classroom, coincidentally, C immediately began playing with our toy dump truck and MM began scooping and dumping using our toy excavator! I wonder how else we can extend the children’s interest in construction vehicles?

Miranda Lange RECE, Emily Merenda RECE, Mercedes Gregoire RECE