School Age Program

may 2022


The weather has finally improved and the school age children have been so excited! Inside the room the children have been creating forts, caves, and enclosures and now with the sunny weather, the children have brought their caves outdoors! P, A, and E have been going to camp and creating a tent out of their jackets and bushes. “My cave has a cup holder” -A. A used a sand sifter and rested it on top of a couple branches for a place to store his water bottle while he rested on his “sleeping bag”. P draped her jacket over some of the bushes and sat under it drawing in her notebook. “It kind of looks like a dragon’s lair” -P.

A and I grabbed a bucket and found “rare fossils and gems”. “I have a golden one” -A. “Look how flat this one is” -I. “I think if we hit the flat rock with a bigger rock the flat rock might break” -A

The children also played tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, and catch outside. “Let’s see how far I can throw the football” -P. The children enjoyed the sunshine and getting to run around with their jackets off for the first time in a while. “I’m making a campsite with a fire” -B.

The children expressed that it was Earth Day last week and noticed there was a lot of garbage in the playground after the snow melted. The children got some gloves and altogether, filled almost a full garbage bag of garbage! They were really proud with how clean the yard became.

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Jennifer Kesner RECE