St. James

a vision of a workplace daycare that became a reality. the first workplace daycare centre in Northwestern Ontario and The St. James location soon expanded to accommodate all families within the community.

There are many advantages to being in a school with access to the gymnasium, library, computer lab and a wonderful adventure playground. This playground was a project initiated by the Schoolhouse Playcare Centre parents and staff. With a lot of creative ideas and a desire to see it happen, it became a reality with the help of the school community and Principal. We received funding from the Best Start initiative sponsored by our Provincial government to make this dream a reality.

The seamless day that the children experience who attend the school and our program is one of the many advantages of being located in a school. We meet regularly with JK/SK teachers and the Principal to look at ways of implementing the Reggio Emilia Principles within all of our programs. We do program planning and work on long term projects together that promote the current topic of interest.

Many exciting events happen on a regular basis within the walls of St. James.