School Age Program

June 2016

   It’s been such a wonderful year in the afterschool program. With the children’s ideas, inspirations, and creativity coming to life through their art, dramatic play, structures and the use of media and open ended materials.

I have had the opportunity to observe so many authentic relationships develop. Children teaching children plays a strong role in our philosophy and has been relevant to creating a healthy self Esteem as well as daily collaboration amongst the children.

Science such as mixing materials and concoctions has been an overall strong interest this past year. There has been many wonderful opportunities for the children to research and expand on their interest in science based learning. Materials have been readily available such as experiments, books, resources and vital materials so the children could have hands on fun.

Recreational play through cooperative games, and gross motor activities has been an all-time favourite. Recently researching ants and digging ant farms became an interest resulting in looking up information on the web, in books and daily ant searches.

It truly has been an amazing fun filled, educational and recreational year!

Thanks to parents and family for making it a success.

Cristy Kuokkanen