School Age Program

July 2017

This month an observation was made at a table where two children were engaged in conversation and drawing on a piece of paper.  "Ponds have fish in them" Ellie said "They have fish and sharks too".  "Mine has rocks" Esmee added.  As they continued to draw, the two girls continued in their conversation about ponds.  Later that day, they used some open ended materials outside and continued their conversation about ponds.  This opened up a conversation with others in the group.  "We need some rocks to make a pond" and "ponds have frogs".  More open ended materials were brought into the environment for the children to manipulate and explore.  Also, Robyn brought in some tadpoles from her yard for the children to observe. This has sparked a lot of interest as the children have been making daily observations, sketching the tadpoles and researching about them.  Lochlan posed the question "how do we know if they are male or female?" This question led him and Nolan on a quest to find some answers.  Take a look in our environment for sketches, observations made by the children, and research done!

Robyn Laranee  R,ECE, AECEO