Nursery School

september 2017

WELCOME TO THE NURSERY SCHOOL PROGRAM! This month has flown by. The children are making the transition into the program and starting to build relationships with their educators, their peers, and the environment.

As the children were exploring the blocks, a discovery was made by Oliver. His truck rolled all the way down a ramp that was placed on top of a block. Other children were curious as to what the excitement was about and gathered around to watch. They too began looking for things that would "roll" down the ramp. This investigation went on for fifteen minutes as the children tried different items. Hannah tried her hair barrette, Colby tried different shaped blocks, Julianna tried a small ball and Kyle tried his own body. Everyone had something to try. All items went down the ramp, but are they all rolling?

Lina Maclam R,ECE, AECEO,C., BA, BED

Kaylene Zelkovich Early Childhood Assistant