Nursery School

february 2020

This morning, 'A' was busy building with the magnet tiles at the table. We were curious about what made her leave the dramatic play area from her peers. This curiosity stemmed from how engaged she was playing "family" and her role as "sister" to creating with magnets. As we continued to observe her, she shares that she is building a camera; “This is my camera” she says with pride. 'A' then states “smile,” as she takes a picture of me. She then walks around the room taking photos of her peers. Was she role modeling how her family takes photos of each other and playing in the dramatic play area reminded her of this? Or, was she imitating her educators who often walk around the program taking snapshots and videos to document the children’s learning? What do you think?

Cristy Kuokkanen S.S.W

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant