Nursery School

January 2020

Using hollow blocks, natural materials, and loose parts the children in the nursery program explored descriptive and expressive language while working on their cooperative play skills.

S.L. – “Can I use the boat to make a FAST car?”

M.L. – “Sure! I’ll help you!”

As S.L. and M.L. began gathering the pieces of the car together we observed more and more children gravitating to the block area to help, J.M. was excited to look around the room to find more loose parts to make their car work faster, finding two large tubes, he placed them at the back and declared

J.M - “It’ll go faster now!”

With many children working together we were able to see them working on key cooperative play skills including safety regulation, turn taking and problem-solving skills.

Excited to get in and “buckle their seatbelts” they began discussing as a group the natural next step.

Where to now?

Drawing from personal experience, the children shared their thoughts on where to go

J.M. – “Sweet North!”


S.M.-“I like going to the beach in our car!”

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW