Preschool Program

November 2018


Open ended materials and loose parts are valued in our programs, as they allow for creative thinking and endless possibilities, there is no right or wrong way of using these materials. Earlier in the month we were challenged by one of our colleagues to explore a "treasure box of loose parts". The idea was to see how each program would incorporate the parts into their environment. Up for the challenge, we set the table with a variety of the treasures found in the box. It’s was amazing to see the different ideas each child has for the same materials.

Below is a description of how the children were exploring the materials in each photo.

PHOTO #1: One of the ways Rhett used the materials was to roll them. He chooses the rings and tray and began trying to roll them from side to side. This was tricky to do as the rings have a lip on one side and kept tipping over.

PHOTO #2: Ava choose the silver clamps, noticing that if you put two of them together, they make a circle. She tried a few ways to put them together, fitting them inside each other, and then putting them together at the ends.

PHOTO #3: Elias spent a lot of time with these loose parts. Exploring each item very in depth. He put the rings on a tube and is watching them move from side to side as he tips the tube up and down.

Megan Brown RECE

Megan Ahtila RECE