School Age Program

november 2020

Earlier this week, we added some Hula Hoops to the environment with the original plan of using them as “targets” to extend off our inquiry on trajectory. To our fascination, a group of children decided to take these Hula Hoops and turn them into a game! C, O, G and H used their bodies to transport the Hula Hoops down the whole gym! They spent the first few times using trial and error and getting the hang of passing the hoops to each other. After the fourth time, O started timing it on his watch seeing how fast they could travel from one to the other, shouting “We’re at 45 seconds! Now a minute!” to keep track of their progress and communicate to his peers. We wonder, where did this game come from? Was it a known game, or did the children make this up on their own? Observing the children using teamwork, communication, and coordination to problem solve and transport the Hula Hoops across the gym was an amazing experience to see! We would like to look further into this and see what other types of experiences we can do based off of this one!

Kayla Sharp RECE

Emily Skinner HBA Bed