Toddler Program

May 2017

One Thursday afternoon, we went to the gym and the children had a wonderful time conversing and collaborating their dramatic play ideas, this really shows the joy of play!

“We are in the dragon cage!”- J

“YA dinosaurs. Uhh uhh Dragons!” – O

J and S run over to join… J opened up the soccer net.

“No Jazzy, you will let dragon out!” – J closes the net

“Megan, the dragon is really afraid of echoes” – J makes loud noises

“Toothless! His name is toothless the dragon!” – S laughs

“I have a really good idea! We need to do the dragon dance!!” – J runs out into the gym… everyone comes to join her idea. “We have to stomp our feet and wave our arms! Like this” – J demonstrates to everyone the dance!

“We have to scare the dragon away!” – J

“I need to get the dragons now! Put them back in the cage!” – J

This was such a great dramatic play experience, and the children really connected with this story, so we decided to draw our dragon’s out! Creating a visual to what we saw in the gym!

On Friday, the children noticed a new friend in our room, he was hanging from the ceiling but we couldn’t figure out “where he came from?” or “how he got up there!” As the children awoke from their rest, they began to notice, and discuss the dragon puppet and what they observed!

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin      Rachelle Minthorn RECE, RT