Kindergarten Program

September  2016

The kindergarten group is welcoming back many old friends and meeting many new ones as well. We have started our new program this fall with a dynamic group of energetic, creative and inventive children, in a new room with a new educator! (We are sharing the kindergarten classroom with St. James school). Lots of exciting changes for the children, and lots of opportunity that comes with that!

The group has been focusing a lot of attention on how things move such as their bodies, airplanes, wind, attracting magnets, why our creations fall down when they get too tall, and bugs. Their curious personalities add a challenge which often leads to new discoveries and learning for everyone.

 “Can you take a picture of this?” and “Can we look that up?” are two questions that are asked almost daily by the children as we have agreed that anything they want to know more about, we will look into and innvestigate. 

Emily Chepil  R,ECE