Infant Program

June 2017

Our Year-End Binder:

During the month of June, all of the educators (within their individual learning groups) at all four of SPC’s sites compile a binder that highlights either a project or a significant feature of that particular year. While we do not follow a strict standardized ‘format’ in how they are arranged, all of the binders generally contain the following:

*Introduction to discuss and support why that content was chosen

*Documentation panels

*The children’s representations (actual pieces or photographed/scanned copies, quotes from the children themselves, etc.)

*CDs or DVDs of any other supporting documentation such as photos or videos

*Learning maps

*Raw observations (handwritten notes taken by educators)

The binders serve multiple purposes:

*To compile and showcase the children’s work

*To archive our past documentation in an organized and attractive fashion

*To serve as a resource for our educators

*To educate and advocate what we do for our families, other RECEs in the community, other visitors to our centres and the general public.

This year, the Infant Educators at St. James decided to focus their binder on Loose Parts; which has played a significant part of the children’s discoveries and explorations over the past year. The following is a quote that we found while researching for our conference at the end of April; which really sums up why loose parts are so valued in a childcare setting:

“Incorporating loose parts into a child’s environment makes it possible for them

to show their ideas, test their theories and really gives them unlimited exploration.

Offering loose parts in a program offers the children the opportunity to make their

own ideas visible and shape the world around them. Loose parts allow children

to do the thinking instead of the manufactured toy that has set directions.”


Don McMahon  RECE,  Katherine Cross RECE,  Ashley Etienne RECE