Infant Program

March 2017

It’s hard to believe another month has flown by! Spring is almost here (or at the very least it’s trying its hardest to get here) and the Infants have been very actively engaged in the program.

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth; and we are seeing so many parallels with this idea of ‘renewal’ in the program. Most of our children were not here for March Break, and the last couple of weeks have been spent re-establishing their relationships with each other. It’s also important to note that most of our older children are either now or nearing Toddlerhood; which brings a whole new level to the social component to the program.

It’s wonderful to see the children getting excited when their peers are entering the program, and starting to say their names. The children have also been demonstrating a very strong interest in listening to stories with books or puppets (bringing specific books or puppets to their educators); and are willing to sit together in small groups for short periods of time. Music and movement continues to be a ‘draw’ to bring the children together as well as Art experiences.

This is bringing such an exciting dynamic to the program and we look forward to exploring and re-building these wonderful relationships!

Don McMahon  RECE, Katherine Cross RECE, Ashley Etienne RECE