Toddler Program

January 2020

'J' rolls play dough in his hands, creating 3 “snakes.” He shares excitedly, “look! A daddy snake!...big!...a mommy snake…a baby snake!” 'J' pointed to each of his snakes as he shared which one he was naming. The daddy was the biggest one, the mommy was the medium sized one and the baby was the smallest snake that 'J' created. Is 'J' referring to the size of the people in his family?

'M', across the table was listening to 'J's explanation and commented, “Oh, a daddy snake, does he say, SSSSSS?” “Yep!” 'J' responded, continuing to roll his snakes out. 'M' seemed to think 'J' was onto something, creating some snakes of his own. “Here is the mama snake…here is my Tata snake. It goes SSSSSS!” he shared. After a few moments and no more play dough remaining, 'J' wanted to share all of the snakes that he has made! “look! Lots! Big daddy snake… mommy snake… baby snake…” he repeated as he went down the line, sharing what each of his snakes was.

Making a snake with play dough seems to be so common, but noticing different sizes and then referring to our family members in this way is so interesting to observe… I wonder what a brother snake would look like? Or a grandma snake!?

Emily Chepil RECE

Yue Zhu RECE