Preschool Program

March 2017

Nash’s Zamboni

We often find Nash driving around using a Zamboni whether we are inside, outside, at the table or anywhere! Today while he was building his Zamboni out of blocks I noticed him adding more details then he ever has. As he was driving it around on the carpet I heard him insist “I need a blade!” He then went and found half of a tube, adding it to the front of his structure as his Zamboni blade. A few minutes later he was adding blocks saying they were “brushes on the side”. He continued his play, driving around zamboniing the carpet when all of the sudden he took his blade off and went into the house area. I listened to see what he was doing and heard him tell the other children “I need some water.” When he returned I asked him what the water was for which he replied. “It’s for the Zamboni blade.” I was so intrigued by his detail that I asked if he could sketch his Zamboni so that we could build it again another day… suggesting that maybe we could use a cardboard box to build a Zamboni that we could keep in our room. As he was drawing he was looking back at his block structure and adding things that he had on his Zamboni, labeling them as he was drawing. Here is a comparison of his creations. 

This has captured the attention of many of the children who are also fostering their interest in zamboniis; each adding their own unique idea. It seems that the zamboniis break down a lot so the children are sure to make sure they have their tools to fix them!

Jen Tervo  RECE, AECEO,C.   Nicole Heath RECE, AECEO,C