Preschool Program

october 2019

Today while exploring the rice table, 'N' and 'M' began to work collaboratively, placing pieces of track together. They alternated pieces, placing rice inside each track to see if it would ‘flow down’.

It took some trial and error and some perseverance but after many moments, they had the pieces connected in order for the rice to go from the top to the bottom of their structure.“It’s like water” said 'N' as he pushed it down the rice with his finger. 'M' added “Yeah, it’s flowing down this way” moving his finger from the top to the bottom.“It starts here, flows down and then comes together to make a giant waterfall” 'N' explained.“Our waterfall has lots of parts and water, little water here and lots of water here” 'M' stated.

How many ideas and theories were they testing out with this experience?They explored building, flow rates, and angles all while working together to achieve a common goal. So much learning with a little rice and some tracks!

Tawni Johnston RECE BaBEd, Ashlie Johnston RECE