'Relationships Matter: Connection is the Key' with Dr Jean Clinton

Dr. Clinton holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Education and a medical degree and Fellowship in Psychiatry from McMaster University. She is an advocate for children's issues. Her special interest lies in brain development and the crucial role relationships and connectedness play therein. 

On the evening of October 13, 2016, educators from Schoolhouse Playcare Centre along with many other ECE's from our community attended an evening presentation by Dr. Clinton. Several of us also took part in the full day event on October 14th as well. Dr. Clinton is an amazing speaker who inspires those working with young children to engage in meaningful relationships with children. She emphasized in her speech the biological effect relationships have on brain development, how one's brain "is sculpted by a lifetime of experiences." 

More information, videos and articles by Dr. Clinton, can be found on the Ontario, Ministry of Education website.