After School Program

January 2016

Throughout the year the children have been very interested in the goop that we have been making. Every Monday Fitz comes in and asks if we can make new goop, which the children have been using in many different ways. Recently, the children have begun to hold the goop up and watch it stretch to see how far it will stretch until it breaks. This idea got us thinking of ways we could test the goop, which the children decided they wanted to time the goop to see how long it takes for the goop to stretch before it breaks. The children started by holding the goop up with their hands and as it got longer and longer they would stand on chairs so that it wouldn't hit the floor or table. We found that the results continued to be different depending on the way the goop was held, as well as how much goop was being used. "The bigger ones go faster because it's heavier." - J  The children check the data chart often to see if anybody has beaten the 'day care record' or their own personal record.

What's next? As a provocation for this activity I have set out a measuring tape to see if the children will find other ways to test their experiment.

Nicole Heath  R,ECE