School Age Program

June 2022

Have you ever wanted to write something without having to use a pen? Introducing the *beep boop beep boop* Writer 2000! We have an inventor in our midst who was tired of using her pen, so she used her brain and some handy materials to solve her problem. 'T' found a cardboard box and a small clear plastic container for her project. She started by opening the box and taping a pen on the inside, then she cut one thin vertical hole in the front and one large square hole on the side. She puts the small plastic container in the side so that the bottom sticks out like a window, her project is now complete!

She eagerly shows the process of using the Writer 2000, "First you take a little piece of paper and you put in pull it back out and voila!”. Incredible, the paper comes out with pen markings on it. She shows me the process again this time telling me to look through the plastic window, that way I can see how the machine works on the inside. Children are so inventive and their process for creation is so incredible to watch!

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Ella Saukko Sved Educator