School Age Program

may 2022

As everybody knows, dramatic play has been a huge part of our program, one consistent theme we have seen is "school". Often the children will create a school at the back of the room using the blocks and art easel. The blocks are used to make small desks, with the inside of the block being used to store their schoolwork. The small desk is used as the teacher’s desk and the art easel is what the teacher uses to instruct the students.

Roll call is taken and then 'T', whose teacher name is Ms. V says, “Alright class, take out your papers, today we’re doing math!” She writes the questions down on the easel and the students hand in their answers for her to mark. The children love the opportunity to reenact their daily lives through play and experiment with different roles. 'I' is the "science and P.E teacher," and the role of principal and secretary changes depending on the day. When the children decide they’d like to play something else they’ll often say, “I have to leave, I have a dentist appointment”. Dramatic play is a great way to act out their feelings and build confidence while developing their social relationships and communication skills.

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Ella Saukko Sved Educator