School Age Program

april 2022

Apparently wedding season has come early to our program, with there being a sudden interest in "getting married" amongst the children! They have been diligently planning, writing vows, making paper rings, and of course creating outfits. A stage and walkway were built at the back of the room, with chairs set up around it for all the children to participate. The air is buzzing with excitement as pairs of children prepare to walk down the homemade aisle, music is put on and the walk begins. P and B are the first to "get married" and they are filled with laughter as they stand at the front, the vows end with, “you may now hug the bride”. P says, “I think I’m really going to marry B one day!”.

The children have a love of pageantry and are always eager for dramatic play opportunities to throw themselves into, especially when it comes to costume making. The interest in weddings later turns back into an interest in plays. We are always eager to see how their interests unfold and lead into something different!

Cristy Kuokkanen, S.S.W

Ella Saukko-Sved, Educator