School Age Program

MARCH 2022

The children have been continually building enclosures for animals from a variety of materials in our environment in the program. They used the blocks to create the walls and made small enclosures with the magnatiles. The children sort the animals into their enclosures and "charge a fee to see them". There is a wide variety of animals and some have multiple different sizes, so some of the animals are sorted as babies and their moms.

At the zoo, there are also animals for sale. You can usually hear one child calling out, “animals for sale, animals for sale!”. The play progresses and the children begin to ask more questions about animals and where they live. 'T' asks, ”what’s an animal preserve?” This is a great question that we will explore further. The children are so curious and love to build their play around what new things they learn, who knows what they’ll create next!

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Ella Saukko Sved Educator