School Age Program

June 2024

“Welcome to Daycare Airlines, Where are you travelling today?”

“I am off to California to visit Disneyland," responds QS. OK, let me get your ticket” typing on a keyboard. "Here is your ticket, now stand here and you will be checked by security.“ A toy is used to represent a metal detector. MW makes a noise while moving the toy up and down. “OK you are good, now it’s time to check your bag.” She pushes the child's backpack through the blocks mimicking the sound. “Alright here is your ticket, please be seated.”

Several other children aboard the "airplane" created with blocks, chairs and props from around the environment. Each child goes through the same process. The real fun begins when MW pretends to speak over the intercom. “Ding-ding take your seats and buckle up, enjoy your flight with Daycare Airlines”. A polite stewardess comes around to offer us food and drink . TA is busy in the kitchen preparing sandwiches, muffins and fruits.

“I would like a muffin and juice please”. The service was immaculate but soon there was turbulence and some of the passengers were scared. We are calmed down by the wonderful staff. Eventually we made the destination. “Thank you for riding with Daycare Airlines, have a safe trip, we hope to see you again soon!”

The children in this dramatic play must have been frequent flyers as they knew precisely what travelling on an airplane was truly like.

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSW