School Age Program

January 2023

JM who is fairly new to the program takes to the plastercine set out as an invitation to play. He asks if he can use it and I reply “yes it is for you to create with.” JM ponders and then starts to pick up pieces of plastercine soon choosing his desired colours. After sometime in our morning program, JM tells me he is done and presents a “monster” by holding it up with pride. He later states “ I am not sure how to keep it standing,” as he was previously leaning it against a toy basket, I challenge JM's thinking and before long he taps into his problem solving skills and makes a chair for his plastercine monster. Great Idea!

The children around the room start to comment on JM's unique piece thinking its pretty cool! The following morning JM decides to add two more monsters and props to his masterpiece.

JM is clearly proud of his unique molded piece! It is displayed for others to view which leads into others trying to replicate or make their own monsters.

Plastercine is a fun moldable media which stays soft and is easy to manipulate it has been certainly been an all time favourite with school age children in my experience!

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW