School Age Program

december 2022

This morning when IW enters the room she greets me kindly by complimenting on the shiny black boots I was wearing. “Thank you, what do you like about them?" “Because they are so shiny and I really like shiny things." She replies.

I was intrigued by IW and where this conversation could go...

"I wonder if you will receive something shiny for Christmas this year?" Educator

"I sure hope so, I am asking for jewelry for Christmas!" “REAL JEWELRY” she repeats slowly with wide eyes... “Because I love things that are shiny!”

Our conversation continues...

"What kind of jewels are you hoping for?" Educator

With excitement, IW shares with me that she loves Ruby and diamonds “I just love Ruby’s, maybe a mining Elf will get me a gem or a ruby!”

“A mining elf?" I ask I did not realize there are mining elves.

"Yes there is!" she says with confidence. IW finds some gems in the environment and shows me. I am excited find out after the break what shiney things IW recieved!

The conversations with the children are certainly my favourite part of working with school aged children. A deeper look into their creative minds, perspectives and sharp thinking.

Children are like diamonds and gems they shine bright, share beauty and are all unique and precious!


Cristy Kuokkanen SSW