School Age Program

nobember 2022

TA is excited to go outdoors to the front playground today. He knows just the spot he wants to build a jungle “I will need the basket of animals" he says. A good friend offers to help him carry the heavy basket to the playground. TA who sits down under the big tree notices the wood cookies and large log he says, “This will work for the jungle!” PA, who watches in admiration asks TA if he can help. TA responds by saying “Well, I don’t really need any help” as he starts to strategically places each animal into his desired position. PA respects TA's need for solo play and watches on. “The zebras will go here the lion and tiger here. Hmm what will I use for the aquarium” he thinks out loud.

PA who is admiring TAs jungle making process picks up three wood cookies “Can these be your aquarium?" As TA ponders to think, PA places them down. TA moves them around to fit in his space “Well okay I will try” as he puts the marine animals on the wood cookies to pretend it is the aquarium.

When his masterpiece was almost done, and it was home time, we took pictures to document his hard work.

His mom also took a picture to share with his familly at home. TA's love for animals is apparent through his curiosity, research and knowledge about all animals!

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Manpreet Kaur BSc BEd MEd