School Age Program

october 2022

We are moving "back in time" in our after-school program as the children experiment with making communication devices using cups and string.

“Hello hello can you hear me” says IW

“Loud and clear” says MK

The children discovered if the string became loose the sound vibrations could not travel clearly. They experimented with different length string holding it tight and firm as they spoke into the cups while their peer held it to their ear. The end result was shock for some “Wow it actually works!"

“Now touch the string, can you feel it vibrate?" The educator asks.

The children were excited to feel the vibration on the string as well that they could actually communicate with just two paper cups and a piece of string.

We research and learn that sound is produced when an object vibrates creating a pressure wave. Pressure waves move nearby particles in this case air, transmitting the sound through the medium.

HK tells us “I need to make my string long so I can talk to my brother from our bedrooms at night.”

Great Idea, we are excited to hear if this works!

Cristy Kuokkanen S.S.W.