School Age Program

september 2022

Lets build a Dr. office,” says 'T' “Can I help? asks 'I'. “Sure you can be the assistant...”

The girls get busy setting up, using the large blocks and props from the environment. Many children get involved and the small doctor office soon expands into a laboratory where 'M' analyzes the blood work. Next they build a cozy reception area for the patients to wait. They continue to add a pricey pharmacy with empty medicine boxes as props and even a tough security guard to watch over the office played by 'K'. The children take turns in becoming the patients getting assessed by Dr. 'T'.

'I' brings in her sick baby finding out she needs a blood transfusion. While others get their pretend vitals checked, surgeries or stitches.

Wow, such Incredible imaginations this group of children have! It is so enjoyable observing the children playing collaboratively and creatively all while promoting inclusion.

Cristy Kuokkanen S.S.W