School Age Program

may 2024

An eleven year old girl uses her creative skills to make a two story miniature house from boxes. The interest of creating miniatures in the program has been ongoing through out the year. However, this particular design had certainly evolved. This child carefully and constructively thought out each detail precisely, taking her time until she prepared the finished product.

With our signature loose parts and recyclables as a large part of the philosophy, this child was able to use items to represent her thoughts and ideas. A battery operated tealight becomes a bedside lamp, board game pieces are used as dishes in her mini kitchen. Fabric is cut to make curtains and bedding and beads are hot glued for house d├ęcor.

Little dolls were then created to play in the miniature house and the children in the program have had a lot of enjoyment doing so.

The incredible imaginations of the children are often fostered through offering rich resources that are provided through observations of the children's ideas.

This is just one of many incredible and realistic art projects being created in the School age program here at Westmount.

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSW