Kindergarten Program

november 2022

After taking down our Halloween decorations the children were brainstorming ideas of what we should do with our bulletin board. “We can't do a Christmas board yet because it's not the next thing that's coming up.” AG. The children made a good point… So, what should we create? I asked them if they knew what was coming up in November. “We could make a poppy field for Remembrance Day! ”MW. The children all agreed that this was a great idea. For the background, the children used green and blue tissue paper to represent the grass and sky. With different art materials, the children made a collection of beautiful unique poppies to create our poppy field. One of the children had the idea to incorporate the spider from our previous Halloween bulletin board. “I'm going to make this spider into a poppy, and then after Remembrance Day I'll make him into something for Christmas!” KB. I wonder what these creative children will come up with and how KB will incorporate the spider into the next bulletin boards.

Alesha Spirka Educator