School Age Program

february 2021

With the weather keeping us inside for much of February, and with many travel plans put on hold, the children have had to come up with imaginative ways to explore and "travel". “We’re going to Africa...we’re going to see elephants and lions and cheetahs!” How do we get there? The children created a boat one day and a transport truck the next. "I" collects some small blue blocks and says, “We might need water bottles, because it’s a long journey!”.

The children take their seats on the transport truck and settle in for their long journey. “Driver please hurry, we need to get to Africa!”. The trip to Africa brings up many interesting questions and the children are eager to share their knowledge. To further their exploration and inquiries we bring out our Animal Life book and our little bookworm Isabel gets to reading.

I wonder where their explorations will take us next, with such big imaginations the possibilities are endless!

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSW

Ella Saukko-Sved, Educator Assistant