School Age Program

september 2021

As we welcome everyone back to Westmount we are watching the children’s interests grow and develop and we use these observations to help us decide what new materials to bring into our program.

One of the children, T, has always been very curious when it comes to animals. Some new animal books were brought out to further this interest and we were surprised to see T come in wearing an animal shirt! He sat down at the table with the book and happily looked at the pictures until it was time to go home, “whoa look, it’s a leopard seal!’ “oh it’s a ringed seal”.

With every new page and picture came a great deal of excitement and curiosity. After seeing a picture of a skunk he recalled a time he had seen one, “you have to run really fast so they don’t spray you”. He offers many insightful comments as well as many funny ones, “whoa that’s a hairy guy”, he says after he sees a beaver.

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Ella Saukko Sved Early Childhood Assistant