School Age Program

february 2020

Recyclables fabrics and boxes are set up on the table for provocation. F and M are interested in making box creations. I encourage them to come up with a plan before cutting. As they sift through the materials their creative juices flow and soon they start to glue, cut and design their boxed art. M uses the beautiful fabrics to glue into her box and carefully adds detail to her special creation. “This is a home for my stuffies,” M states. I admire the detail and hard work she has put into it. While F pulls me aside, “This is my secretive sneaky box.” She shows me the opening that is covered with sparkly material. I can put things in it and be sneaky. After a few minutes she comes back to me with wide eyes and explains “Please don’t tell my parents about this box”. “I don’t want them to think I am sneaky or secretive.” I smile and assure her I would keep my promise. She eventually shared the box with her mom at the end of the day. As though it was difficult for her to keep a secret. I thought her secretive box was inventive. What do you think?

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW