School Age Program

April 2017

How do you create a story? Does inspiration just come to you?

Have you ever used pictures with no words to create a story that is unique and different?

The children at Westmount have been exploring “Rory Story Cubes”. These cubes have pictures on them and when rolled whatever picture is showing is part of your story. The possibilities are endless and the imagination the children have when creating these stories is outstanding.

Here is a story that tow children created with the cubes,

“A girl was walking and found a map,

And she didn’t know what it was,

She looked all around the world to find where it led to,

She put her hand up in the air at school,

Her school was shot by lightening,

So she parachuted out of the school,

But she got caught in a tree,

Then she had a idea to sleep.”

By: Jaci and Aleksia

Robyn Larabee  R,ECE