School Age Program

June 2018

“We are planning a play, I am Mrs. Pott” says Lillian, as she poses in the form of a teacup.

Tia uses black paper and cuts out the hands on the clock and tapes them to her nose for her costume! “I am playing the part of Clocks worth” says Tia

“Look at me Cristy I am “The Beast” says Aleksia proudly with her arm out wide!

Next Jessica transforms another student into “Beauty” by making her a white costume and adding a flower to her headband. Dramatic play has been a common theme in the afterschool program through out the year. So much relationship building, and collaboration has truly brought this program together.

The children’s ideas are represented through their thoughts, actions, and daily play. It has been rewarding to be the Educator in this program scaffolding with the children as they prosper and grow.

As the school year wraps up and the summer program begins I wish everyone a wonderful safe but adventurous summer holidays!

Christy Kuokkanen SSW.