School Age Program

may 2018

With thriving imaginations, the school age children can turn a tire into almost anything!

Conversations can be heard as they actively roleplay “This is our Rocket ship we are going to space” says one child to another

“Giddy up Horsey” “These Are our horses mine is named Bucko”

The tires are used as Royal seating as the children organize a play called “Beauty and The Beast”

Landon’s curiosity challenges his thinking, He said, “I wonder if the truck tires will be higher than the car tires. As he stacks three car tires and three truck tires he stands back and laughs, “See I was right”. His hypothesis is correct! Its a wonder what children can do when their minds are challenged with recyclables and loose parts instead or preconceived toys.

Christy Kuokkanen SSW.