Junior School Age Program

december 2017

Last week Ellie drew a picture of Jade in a pose. The educator added sketching pencils and sketch pads to the environment as a provocation to further this interest in sketching. Ellie asks out loud, “Does anyone want their picture taken?” Chloe comes over for her portrait to be taken and Ellie says, “Wait, wait,” she gets up and moves 4 chairs in a line up against the book wall. Ellie says, “This is the waiting area”. Ellie finishes drawing Chloes portrait and asks again, “Does anyone else want their picture taken?”

At this moment her mom walks in and says, “I’ll get mine done!” Elllie laughs and says, "Mommy" excitedly as she jumps up in the chair. Ellie takes her time drawing her mom. Her mom than draws her. Ellies mom says, "you are so cute", "see I will even add the scratch to your cheek". A natural exchange of collaboration and transparency was captured during this authentic moment.

Cindy McColl R,ECE