Kindergarten Program

november 2017

This month the children have been constructing boats with blocks. This lead to further inquiry and predictions about boats. Books about boats and open ended recycled materials were added to the environment. The children wanted to build a boat.

The concept of predication was introduced. The children predicted what they thought would happen to their boat when placed in water. A chart was then created "Will it Sink or Float?"The children printed their name under the predication they had. The following day, their theories were tested at the water table. The children were eager and excited with anticipation to introduce their creation to the water. Educator: "Are you ready"? pause time the children said "Ya" Educator, "Are you ready"? with more enthusiasm, pause time,"Yaaaa" the children said a little louder and the third time "Are you ready" the children were jumping up and down and shouted "YA" excitedly. Each child was genuinely happy for each other when each boat was placed in the water and it floated.

Truen approaches the writer and shows his boat he created, "look Cindy, I put a secret message in mine".

Cindy McColl R,ECE