Kindergarten Program

october 2017

In the Junior School Age Program, we spend every day outside in the wide-open spaces. This allows time for freedom of movement, expression, and exploration. Caleb has been working with the hula hoop. Last week he was exploring how he could make it move. Caleb would go to the hula hoop, seeing how far it would travel before hitting the ground. With much determination and persistence, he was able to master this skill. Another child had a ball and was trying to throw it through the hula hoop while it was still. This lead to him exploring what can go through the hula hoop while its moving After witnessing this, Caleb was exploring throwing the ball through the hoop while it was moving. The following week during outdoor play Caleb was now throwing the hula hoop and running to catch up with it, and at just the right moment and time Caleb ran through the hula hoop while it was moving and yelled excitedly "I did it"!

Cindy McColl R,ECE