Junior School Age Program

May 2018

The children have been showing an interest in creating “potions”.

Jade and Kenzie add water, soap, paint, and glue to a recycled container while Lyla observes. Kenzie adds red paint,” its my turn to mix”.

Jade, “we are making all the soap gone”. Jade, “do you want to put your hand in it?” while looking at Kenzie. “Kenzie you can make a wish if you put your finger in it.”

Kenzie puts her finger in the potion and smiles.

This sensory experience allows the children to experiment, imagine and create. They are learning math, science, and literacy. Through mixing, pouring, measuring, observing, estimating, fine motor skills, working together and practising using recycled materials are some of the many skills that are being develop through this fun and exciting experience.

To expand and challenge the children’s learning, new materials will be added and brought to outdoor classroom.

Cindy McColl R,ECE