Junior School Age Program

february 2018

While the children were working with the cars one flew out the window and landed in the snow. Charlie, “hey Cindy”, Carter, “it went out the window”. Educator, “how are you going to get it”? Charlie, “I know, I’ll go and get the grabber” as he stands and raises his right hand and points towards the ceiling. “Educator, “that’s a great idea”. Charlie climbs on the ledge and puts half his body out the window with the grabber. As he uses the grabber to pull the car up to the window, it drops back into the snow. With much persistence and staying on task, Charlie was able to master this skill. As he brings the car through the window carefully and puts it into his hand he says, “I did it”! Educator,” way to go Charlie”, and gives a high five. Charlie, “ya and I didn’t even need directions”, showing pride and accomplishment. Ryan and Jade where excited to observe this process.

Cindy McColl R,ECE,