Junior School Age Program

april 2018

Andrew is excited to show me what is on his necklace! “It’s a shark tooth from Mexico.” “Who did you travel with to Mexico” I ask. “I went with my mom and dad.” Over hearing our conversation Roman with pure excitement tells us “I have shark teeth on my shirt, look.”

I ask the boys “which shark could the tooth be from? Pointing to Romans shirt. “Maybe it’s from this one” says Andrew pointing to the Mako tooth. Roman is very proud of his shark tooth shirt and is able to tell me all the the names of pictures. The boys have a discussion about the tooth and how it got on the necklace. Andrew then shares with us that his mom bought it at a market in Mexico.

“I bet that was a big shark Andrew” I reply

Relationships and co learning is an important part of our philosophy as well as a tool to further investigate interests that the children share. This small moment in our day was organic and could possibly lead into something more or just an authentic moment!

Cindy McColl R,ECE