Before and After School Program

november 2015

School Age Program: 6-12 Years

This month the school-age children have been busy building and creating. The children enjoy using our big blocks to build restaurants and forts for everyone to play in. Learning about the World Wars has also been an interest, where the children decorated our room with poppies for Remembrance Day in honor of the fallen soldiers. We have a “Question of the week” board where the children can challenge each other by posting a question and then testing the theory. One from this month is “What is the strongest shape”? The children split up into groups to test this, using straws to create the shapes. The children are continuing their interest in art with colour mixing and finger painting. We as a group enjoy finding new ways to explore with colour.

Kindergarten School Age Program: 4-5 Years

November has been a month of new interests in the kindergarten program. The children have become interested in colour mixing and curious about how new colours are made and which colours mix to make other colours. They were very excited to experiment with colours using paint, food coloring, clay, finger paint, and the light table. The children really enjoyed predicting what the results would be when two or more colours were mixed.