After School Program

february 2019



Today I captured a beautiful moment between the children's hands and clay as I observed them immersed in the interaction. While most of the children were very quiet as they manipulated and squeezed their piece of media into their desired formation, others discussed their ideas about what they would like to create:

“I just want to play with the clay” says Evan

“ I am making a truck mould to make icecubes” Landon

“Look at my spider and now I am going to make a shark, I like sharks” says Roman

Chloe tells me about her bunny and Andrew makes a spider too after admiring Roman's.

The children were engaged in this clay experience for approximately one hour, sharing in the enjoyment and relaxation of this art media.

Once the clay projects are dry, we will offer acrylic paint if so desired to add an additional element to this experience.

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW Educator Assistant