After School Program

october 2018

Incorporating loose parts with reflection offers the children an opportunity to be creative with endless possibilities. Small groups of children work parallel and collaboratively to create patterns and 3 dimensional creations on the mirrors.

Chloe and the educator worked collaboratively to create the face in the picture.

Truen focused his time and ideas on building his structure vertically, balancing the lids and tubes!

Meanwhile some of the other children were observed making different "faces" in the large mirror as well as sketching features of their own faces.

Natural items were purposely placed in the environment to extend on this learning in both the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Please note: We are currently looking for donations of loose parts and recyclables for the program. If you have any at home, work or know of organizations in the community please contact us through our contact page. Thank you for your support.

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW