School Age Program

may 2024

Over the past few months the children have made house structures with assorted craft materials. After a generous donation of scrapbook paper, C.C, M.M, E.S, E.M, D.C, and L.C created their very own mini houses. The group was thrilled by the variety of colours and designs on the paper and noticed how the materials reminded them of wallpaper or tiles! M.M began assembling, starting with one room in her house and then expanded to three extra rooms! She called it “The Dream House” and pink was her main colour theme! Through trial and error, the group found that tape worked the best to secure the walls together. They helped each other out to assemble the houses once they realized it wasn't a one person job, great teamwork! We provided the children with a variety of materials such as mini clothespins and they used them to create closets and “drying racks”, how creative! L.C had help from L.R and L.Z to glue and stack popsicle sticks together to make a bathtub/pool. She even added blue paper at the bottom to make an illusion of water! Elle used Dixie cups as a pot for her plants and pipe cleaners as the green leaves. C.C brought in a light keychain from home and thought it would be a great idea to use as a lamp in her mini house! Each one of them thought about things they see at home and used those ideas to make their mini houses come to life! The children continue to challenge themselves with materials in the room and we are so excited to see where this activity goes!

Liz Brock, Educator

Caitlin Brock, RECE

Cameron Hansen, Educator