Nursery School

June 2024

All the children were engaged in playing “The Floor is Lava!”

They were attempting to get around the room without stepping on the floor (as it was lava) using blocks, pillows, and other objects.

Sometimes when they were stuck, they had to put on their “lava suites” to cross tricky areas.

Since September we have watched the children grow and strengthen their relationships. They have developed lasting friendships, and this is evident in their play. They are always helping each other out, whether it is crossing “hot lava” or preparing “spaghetti” for each other in the kitchen. They are comfortable in sharing their ideas, working together ensuring everyone is included. “The Floor Is Lava” seemed fitting as our last website moment for the 2023-2024 Nursery School Program as it another example of much the group as come together to make an awesome program.

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO C

Paige Cameron, Educator