Kindergarten Program

august 2022

This morning a child in the program brought some special visitors to our program… Monarch Butterflies! In the butterfly house there were 6 chrysalises and 8 butterflies. The children were excited to have an up-close look at the monarchs. As we watched the butterflies stretching their wings 'BS' explained that all the butterflies in the house, were “girls” because they had white dots on their wings. “Boys did not". The children shared their knowledge about the life cycle of butterflies going from an egg-caterpillar-chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly. 'BS' also shared that monarch butterflies really like milkweed to eat.

Upon returning from playing outside the children had another surprise…another butterfly was emerging from its chrysalis! While eating lunch the children watched as the butterfly “hatched.”

After lunch, materials were made available for the children to create their own representations of the visitors.

Thank you for providing the wonderful opportunity to explore nature up close!


Paige Cameron Educator